Tamara joined Razzamataz Barnet in 2014 and has gone from the Juniors to the Inters age group over the past few years.

"I have been going to Razz since I was eight years old. I love it because it makes me feel special and unique in my own way. It has boosted my confidence to do bigger things. If I had not joined I would not of had the opportunity to work on The Worst Witch. I have also made some great friends that I hope will be for life. I love attending Razz and I miss it when I am filming."

She has shown what amazing talent she has when she auditioned for our affiliated agent, Top Talent and has secured starring roles in a number of high profile TV shows and films. In January 2015 she was cast as Enid Nightshade in a BBC remake of the Worst Witch. In December 2017 she was cast as Hailey Hicks in the prime BBC series Hard Sun alongside Jim Sturgess and Agnes’s Deyn. In January 2018 following numerous auditions she was cast as Juliet Butler in Disney’s Artemis Fowl working alongside Dame Judy Dench and Josh Gad directed by Sir Kenneth Branagh. This feature film will be released in May 2020. In June 2019 Tamara was cast as Louise in the Nickelodeon ‘Are You Afraid of the Dark?’ revival a brand-new limited series premiering in October 2019. She has also just been revealed as one of the leads in Netflix’s Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting with Indya Moore and Tom Felton.