What is Razz Street Dance?

An exclusive class for Razzamataz students to develop their street dance styles and technique

Razzamataz Street Dance

We are excited to provide an exclusive class to support Razzamataz students who wish to develop their Street Dance styles and techniques. 


Razzamataz Masterclass with Ashley Banjo | Diversity


With a focus on the key foundations in ‘Breakin’, Locking, Poppin’, Hip Hop, House, Krump, Waaking and more!’ whilst complimenting their current Razzamataz sessions.

An exclusive class to support students who want to further their training and performance skills within the huge ‘Street Dance’ genre. Street Dance is an umbrella term used to describe many styles that form the genre such as ‘Breakin’, Locking, Popping, Hip Hop, House, Krump and Waacking’ to name a few!

Our existing Street Dance sessions at the weekly Razzamataz classes cover basic elements and choreographic foundations of Street Dance but with such a huge genre and diverse range of styles, techniques, history, background and intentions this additional class will allow students to develop their skills, confidence and creativity to compliment their current Razzamataz training.



Contact your local Principal to see if this class is available in your area