What is Razz Fit?

A fun based dance fitness class for adults!


Razz Fit- Fitness made fun!


Razz Fit is a fun based dance fitness designed to make you look and feel good whilst you dance away any stress and let go of inhibitions.

Razz Fit is open to anyone aged 18+

Classes run inline with the Razzamataz unique curriculum of musical theatre and commercial styles (think Fame, Disco, Hip Hop, R&B and much more!)



Razz Fit


The classes will include;

An introduction from your friendly teacher

Warm up

High and low level interval exercises

Choreographic elements

Core work

Gentle stretch

Cool down


This will help;

Burn calories

Increase flexibility

Increase strength and balance

Support and strengthen your core

Boost energy levels

Spacial awareness

Increased confidence


Visithttps://www.razzamataz.co.uk/schools/regions/ or contact your local Principal to find out if this is available at your nearest school.