Safety Measures for Razzamataz

Thank you for your continued support during what is really challenging times for us all. We have loved seeing your children during our online classes and we would like to say how brilliantly they have adjusted to the changes that the pandemic has caused at Razzamataz.


Our Principals and teams have been very busy backstage preparing the necessary safety measures  as per Government guidance in England and Scotland. Months without face to face contact with extended family, friends and schools have had a profound effect on children and young people and we are working really hard to plan ways in which we can further support our students to regain some of the confidence that they have inevitably lost.


Razzamataz have, and are, following all Government guidelines as well as working closely with the CAA (Children’s Activities Association) to ensure that as our classes resume in the studios we will be doing so safely for our students, staff, families and wider communities.



All of our schools will have to pass an audit to ensure that all safety measures have been met. Included in this audit are the following, which each school will have to show evidence that they can meet. We will continue to add to the audit as and when new official information comes in.

Audit checklist

  • New risk assessment forms.

  • 60%-80% alcohol sanitizer in each room.

  • Plans to stagger classes/timetables.

  • Class sizes in line with Government guidelines & social distancing guidelines. 

  • Face coverings for students in communal areas (Scotland) 

  • Avoid any gatherings.

  • Facial sign in only.

  • No props or Razz Teds.

  • Electronic communication only.

  • Weekly team checklists for cleaning actions.

  • Principals attendance on Head Office’s reopening webinars.


If you have any specific concerns regarding your child’s individual needs in terms of reopening, do not hesitate to get in touch with our Principals. We will do all we can to ensure that every child’s needs are met.



Thank you again for your support and we will continue to update you with new information.



Because confidence now is more important than ever!