What is Razzamataz Project Intense?

Razzamataz Project Intense is an exclusive class to support Razzamataz students who are suited and wish to pursue a professional career within the performing arts with a specific focus on technical dance.


With a focus on core training and technique, Razz Project Intense is designed to build a technical foundation upon which professional training can be grown. Razz Project Intense aims to help students prepare for the next stage of their training whilst complimenting their current Razzamataz commercial dance, singing, acting for TV & Radio and Musical Theatre sessions.

Our existing Musical Theatre weeks at Razz already cover the key fundamental areas that prepare our students wishing to further their training at professional level: Singing Technique, Acting including Acting through Song, study of the voice including accent & articulation, ensemble work, and performance work – integrating all three elements of the performing arts, Dance, Drama and Singing.


Razzamataz Project Intense

The area of Dance encompasses a whole range of subjects that we are unable to fully explore in just 1 hour per week. This class focusses on developing a professional standard with dance through a strong understanding of technique, ballet, lyrical jazz, contemporary jazz, tap, body conditioning, singing repertoire (looking at suitability of song choices for auditions) and as the students progress provide the experience of mock auditions.


The Razz Project Intense classes have two phases:


Phase 1 
A one hour class designed for the ballet beginner, with a strong focus on technical training within ballet styles. Classes will also introduce lyrical and contemporary jazz styles.

Phase 2 
A two hour class designed for those who are serious about a career within the performing arts. With a technical focus on ballet styles, this class also has a specialist focus allowing students to learn lyrical, contemporary and technical jazz styles, along with tap.



At Razzamataz we strive to enable students to pursue their dreams in the arts by providing high quality teaching. Razz Project Intense is a unique training programme exclusive to Razzamataz offering teaching in the specialist areas of dance to help build a strong technical skill base. We believe this will equip our students with the correct guidance, skills and confidence to be better prepared for professional vocational college auditions.

Razzamataz Project Intense



Contact your local Principal to find out if this class is available at your school