What is Razzamataz Competition and Training Squads

The competition and training squad classes are designed to place value on work ethic and the importance of teamwork.


Our framework of objectives.

The competition and training squad classes are designed to place value on work ethic and the importance of teamwork.  Competitive dance encourages dancers / performers to push past their comfort zone and challenge themselves to soar to new heights.  Along with learning the latest trends in choreography students will be coached on competition skills and standards, including self-critique, professionalism, accountability and leadership.  Skills will involve improving pick up speed and muscle memory.  Competitions often involve taking part in professional workshops at a high pace and we want to help our competition and training teams with these skills to better equip them for this environment.  Our goal with our competition team is not always to take 1st place but to encourage and inspire our students to push beyond what they thought personally possible and achieve their best.   Our vision for our competition and training squads is for our razz teachers to work with a creative mentor who visits the teams throughout their competition season so we stayed attuned to the current trends and styles and ultimately continually challenge students within these teams.

There are currently 25 spots available for the Razz competition squad and 25 available in the Razz training squad.  The squads are not only built with students who have skill, but those that have determination, heart, and a GREAT attitude. 


Our Values.

1. Team Work

2. Fun

3. Professional practice

4. Personal Best


Ground Rules.

Ground rules are put in place to ensure mutual respect amongst squad members and enable a professional, open and constructive environment for training and achieving your best.


So what is expected of our competition squad members?

Below we describe the behaviours and actions necessary to be a productive and successful team.

As a student of Razzamataz you will already display happiness, enthusiasm, energy and general optimism.  Everyone who is in the squad is an important part of the competition or training team and part of a much bigger Razzmataz team and no one is worth more to the team than the next.  Negativity, ‘hearsay’ or actions that bring destruction to a well-balanced team are not permitted.    Please leave personal issues at the door.


A squad member must demonstrate:

  Responsibility and leadership at all times.  

  Resilience during tough practices and competitions.  

  Great time management – For students studying GCSES and A levels this requires great management of your time.  Squad members must be committed to weekly training classes as well as their normal Razzamataz classes.  

– Promote and maintain good relationships and social behavior with teachers, other students within the team and with other schools.

– Self-Motivation to achieve the goals set by the teacher and to put the practice in at home so that you approach each class knowing with confidence the choreography.  There won’t be time to go back over old choreography each week. 

– Openness to constructive feedback.  Feedback should be welcomed in order to improve.

– No negative comments (e.g., “I can’t do this”, “I don’t like this costume” etc).

– Admirable levels of conduct both in class, at competitions and during normal Razzamataz classes.


Uniform expectations.

Full Razzamataz uniform will need to be worn to every squad class, including Razzamataz T Shirt, plain black leggings (no logos) and black trainers.  Students will need to be ready to participate in the class warm up in full uniform; please arrive with the correct attire ready to learn and have fun. Hair will need to be up in a high-slicked back ponytail.  Artificial nails are not appropriate.  No jewellery to be worn during class, this includes naval, ear cartilage, and tongue piercings.  All phones to be switched off and handed in to the teacher before classes start.

Squad members must be prepared to represent our school at key competitions that will be communicated in advance.

Being a member of the squad is a privilege, not a right, with expectations more rigorous than that of being a regular Razzamataz student.  These teams won’t be for everyone, it is important you talk this through with your principal and parents to ensure this is something you are able to undertake.  A place in the competition and training squads are based on continuing to achieve a high level of commitment to your other Razzamataz classes and meeting the ground rules above. 


Training Squad Progression.

New students wanting to join the competition squad would firstly join the training squad and we would then move them through to the competition team when we feel they are ready.  For all senior students who are interested in this, we will review whether you join the competition team straight away or the training team. The competition team will train at the same time as the training team on Wednesday evening. 

This training squad is a preparatory team for those who are interested in making the competition squad, but who have not met the requirements as of yet to make the higher level team. This is not to say that you do not have quality attributes, but that you may need fine-tuning in order to be prepared for the next level of training. 

Being part of the training & competition squad does not ‘entitle’ you to better roles in the main Razzamataz annual show, ultimately the harder you train the stronger you will be, but our core Razzamataz classes are for fun led and our main ethos will remain this. We do understand the level of commitment required for competitions just simply doesn’t suit all, therefore if after joining the training or competition squads, you realise the squad is not for you, there is absolutely no pressure, we do not want these classes to have a negative impact on your existing razz classes.  Be open and talk to the Principal about how you are feeling.


If all of this is for you, we can’t wait to get started!

Here’s to pushing beyond what you thought personally possible.


Razzamataz Competition & Training Squads


Contact your local Principal to see if this class is available at your local school: https://www.razzamataz.co.uk/schools/regions/