What does a Razzamataz franchisee (the owner of the business) do?

As a Razzamataz Franchisee you will be the Principal of a vibrant and current Saturday theatre school. You will run classes for children aged 4-18* in singing, dance and drama and be engaged in all the varied activities of successfully managing your school. (*With options to expand to 2-18 as your business develops)

Activities involve marketing your schools, recruiting teachers, dealing with customers, and maintaining your accounts.  All areas of running the business are supported by our simple, effective systems and Head Office or your Support Team member are only ever a phone call or email away to offer advice and guidance.

Do I need performing arts experience?

No.  It is possible to run a thriving business without experience in performing arts. We do look for candidates with enthusiasm and interest in performing arts but experience is not necessary.

What experience do I need to run the franchise?

Franchisees need to be business minded, motivated and well organised.

Can I teach classes myself?

As Principal of the school your role will be to manage and facilitate classes for children, which will not enable you to teach on a regular basis.  There will be opportunities for you to cover classes (if you are suitably qualified) and get really involved in the exciting curriculum during the term as Principal if that is an area you are particularly interested in.

What is my territory?

Your large territory is your exclusive area to run Razzamataz classes.  All of your classes must run within your territory and your venue must be within a 2.5 mile radius of your territory boundary.

Can I have more than one school? 

Yes.  Every territory is specifically mapped to succeed with least two full schools.  Top performing Principals are encouraged to and indeed offered incentives to extend their territories with options to develop managed centres upon a strong foundation being created.

Can I have a manager look after my schools? 

Successful franchisees are supported and encouraged to expand with possibilities for additional centres to become managed outlets.

Do I have to find my own venue?

Yes. We offer advice on the size of rooms, location and cost.  You select potential venues and a member of our HO Support Team will guide you and approve sites. 

What would a franchisee expect to earn? 

A franchisee earnings depends on the structure of their business and how hard they are prepared to work. Our most successful franchisees enjoy a six-figure turnover.

Will I have the opportunity to speak to existing franchise owners?

Yes, following your initial application you will be provided with details of current franchise owners to contact along with a password enabling you to ask all of the questions you need. 

Can I get finance to fund the franchise?

Yes.  Razzamataz have an exclusive finance offer available enabling franchisees to set up schools and develop a successful business with limited start-up funds. 

Will I be able to sell my business in the future?

Yes. Razzamataz is a superb investment.

What is the length of term of the Franchise Agreement and is there an additional charge for renewal?

The initial agreement is for 5 years but this is renewable by you every 5 years for a small administration charge.

What is the Support Team?

The Support Team is headed by our Franchise Support and Development Manager and includes regional franchisees and consultants with particular expertise is certain areas of the business. They are there to guide you, mentor you and support you when required during the set up of your business. "In business for yourself but not by yourself".

Why should I buy a franchise to set up a theatre school and why Razzamataz?

Razzamataz are market leaders with a proven track record of success and with various high profile partnerships such as The Bannatyne Group, Thomson & First Choice Holidays, The Stage Newspaper, Warner Bros Ent, 20th Century Fox, Disneyland Paris and Center Parcs, keeping us one step ahead of the competition!

What's the application process?

The next step is to contact head office and to attend a Discovery Den, or alternatively submit your application and if successful you will receive a one to one interview with one of our Directors.

Who are the Directors?

Denise Hutton-Gosney is the founder and Managing Director and Mr Duncan Bannatyne was a shareholder for over seven years and has an on-going & active interest in Razzamataz Theatre Schools development.

“When Razzamataz first came to the Den, I could spot the potential of the business,” says Duncan Bannatyne. “With hard work, dedication and attracting some top class franchisees, Razzamataz has grown throughout the recession and I’m proud to be part of their story.”

Do I need an office?

No. The beauty of a Razzamataz Franchise is that most of the business can be run from the comfort of your own home when not running classes. And often even in your PJ's!
But you should have somewhere you can lock yourself away and then shut the laptop away at the end of each day in order to maintain the perfect work/life balance.