Am I entitled to a free taster session?

YES! Every child can book onto a free taster session at any one of our Razzamataz Theatre Schools* across the UK, as featured on Dragons Den. This session remains free no matter what you decide to do. Your free taster session should be booked in advance. You will receive a confirmation email from the Principal of the nearest Razzamataz theatre school to confirm your booking.

If you are looking for a performing arts school for dance classes, drama classes and singing classes for kids – you’re in luck, Razzamataz classes include all three of these.


When are the free taster sessions?

Most weeks during the school year you may be able to book in for a free taster session. There are certain times of the year such as end of terms or close to annual showcases where the wait may be a little longer for your nearest theatre schools next available week for a taster session. Speak to your nearest theatre school’s Principal for further details of dates. Your free taster session should be booked in advance. You will receive a confirmation email from the Principal of your nearest Razzamataz school to confirm your booking.


What happens during the free taster session?

For your child? Loads of performing arts fun, the opportunity to make new friends and learn amazing new skills in our classes for kids. They will be taking part in the full set of dance, drama and singing sessions with their class mates within their own age group, just as they will be every week from then on.

Four you, the parent/guardian/carer? Once your child is signed in, welcomed and begins their class, you will be presented with a welcome pack full of exciting Razzamataz information. You will also be given a taster talk/tour from the theatre school’s Principal, telling you everything there is to know about Razzamataz and answering any questions you may have. There will then be a chance to pop into one of your child’s performing arts classes to see a glimpse of all the fun the kids have been up to!


How long is the taster session?

Razzamataz Minis are one hour in length, Juniors, three 40 minute classes per Razzamataz session, Intermediates & Seniors both three hours in length (one hour of each discipline (dance, drama, singing classes). The taster session spans the full session length for the child. For the longer classes, you will no doubt have chance to leave the site for some of the taster session before returning. Some of our schools even have waiting areas or coffee available! The Principal will be able to help advise you through these timings for the day.


Can they bring a friend?

Absolutely! We love to be able to open the doors of our Razzamataz family to as many kids as possible. We just ask that they contact the school’s Principal and book on too, in the same process that you will have with your child.

What should they wear?

To the taster session? Anything comfortable and safe to be able to move freely in practical performing arts classes, where they may well get very warm and sweaty. No jewelry should be worn, nor tights, dresses, or denim. Footwear should be clean trainers or pumps.

For all Razzamataz performing arts sessions after their taster session? We’re proud that that only compulsory part of our uniform to buy from us is the Razzamataz T shirt – and it’s super affordable too! Other than this, we just ask for plain black bottoms (leggings or joggers work best) and plain black clean trainers or pumps.  We have an exciting range of optional Razzamataz branded uniform items too. Open toe shoes, sandals, boots, formal school shoes, shoes with wheels or a high heel are not suitable for Razzamataz classes.

What do they need to bring?

Just a refillable bottle of water and a small snack. Something like a piece of fruit or healthy snack bar is ideal.


Can I stay/watch?

You will have already read above about all of the fab opportunities to learn about Razzamataz Theatre Schools while you are at your child’s taster session, including a talk, tour and chance to be shown into a class with the Principal to see a glimpse of the fun your child has been up to. Other than this, and on sessions following the free taster; parents/guardians are not allowed into Razzamataz classes. There are many reasons for this, including being part of our child protection policy, as well as enabling a comfortable space for our students to build their confidence, focus, independence, self-expression and much more, without the feeling of being watched all of the time. Your Principal will be able to excite you with all of the many opportunities to see your child perform including watching weeks, presentations, annual showcases, performances out in the community and much more.

If you require to speak to us about a child/ren with additional support needs, please do just ask & we are happy to discuss & support this.


Do you do shows?

Each Razzamataz school produces an annual showcase every Summer term. This is on top of so many other performance opportunities that often crop up at our schools. Other amazing performance opportunities for students of particular age groups include Her Majesty’s Theatre, Indigo at the o2 Arena, Disneyland Paris and on-board Luxury MSC cruise ships!


Do you do exams/dance syllabus?

We don’t work towards traditional dance exams or syllabi. Our classes are all about performing, having fun, keep fit and active and an all-round, broad learning within dance, drama and singing.

Whilst we don’t offer ‘exams’ as such, some schools offer ‘Arts Awards’ which, at Gold, is awarded 35 UCAS points.


Do you do ballet?

We don’t cover ballet specifically in our regular Razzamataz sessions. Although some of our schools do offer Razz Project Intense as an optional extra class for any current students looking to take their performing arts training to the next level and ballet is included within RPI.


Do you do street dance?

Yes, Every other week within our kids dance classes, it is commercial week, which features, among other commercial styles, street dance.



How much is the full term?

Price varies across the UK however all Razzamataz Theatre schools offer various payment methods including a direct debit option, splitting the term fees into much smaller, monthly chunks. And remember, your taster session is free, so you won’t be paying for a full term at all in your first term with us. Each schools full term prices are listed on their specific page within this site – go to ‘find your nearest school’.



*Taster session offers differ at our Razzamataz Early Years Schools, currently only in Northern Ireland.


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