What is Razz Act?

Razz Act is an additional class dedicated to individual performance and monologue work. With very small class sizes, this gives your child the opportunity for one to one feedback and to develop their repertoire.


Razzamataz Act


Razz Act is an exciting opportunity for students to extend their training with Razzamataz in Acting and Speech and runs in line with the LAMDA curriculum. Students will have the opportunity to take part in these exams and gain this sought after qualification. The process of preparing for and succeeding in a LAMDA Examination helps Learners, whatever their ages or aspirations, to develop a broad range of skills. LAMDA examinations develop a Learner’s ability to:


  • Read easily, fluently and with good understanding
  • Expand vocabulary to improve powers of self-expression
  • Improve confidence in speaking and listening
  • Memorise and recall information
  • Research and create persuasive formal presentations


Contact your Principal at: https://www.razzamataz.co.uk/schools/regions/to find out if this is available at your local school.


Razz Act