Jasmine Fielding joined Razzamataz Leeds in 2018. She’s currently in the Inters class.

Mum says: “Just like Jasmine has felt her own confidence grow in her first year at Razzamataz, we too have seen a huge boost in her confidence. This has been evident in all areas of Jasmine's life. The values at Razz mirror our family values and I know that this is largely the reason that Jasmine feels so happy there. The support from Jude and Phil (and their teaching staff) has been incredible, right from Jasmine's first visit. Jasmine has a blood clotting disorder (Von Willebrand Disease) and so it can be nerve wracking to leave her with other people. I know at Razz I don't need to worry, they keep a VERY watchful eye on her.”

Jasmine loves all of her classes, they are all really fun. She loves catching up with her Razz friends each week. One of her proudest moments was being a part of this year’s summer show ‘This is Me’ and winning the Principals’ Special Award. Jasmine is most thankful to the Principals at Razz,  Phil and Jude and all the time they give her each week. She knows that she is valued for who she is and can fully be herself there. Jasmine says that since starting Razz she has felt much more confident than before and she now has the confidence to take part in performances at school. Jasmine has also been able to take part in different experiences that she wouldn’t have wanted to try before Razz, such as summer school. As for the future, Jasmine hopes one day to act in a film and teach in a theatre school just like Razz!