Kai has been a student at Razzamataz West Cumbria for the past 8 years, he has progressed through from the Minis group to the Seniors Group and achieved incredible student success.

"I love coming to Razz! I love drama, singing and dancing and the teachers there are really supportive. Razz is like a family to me since I joined at the age of 3 and it really allows me to perform to my best, I would like to get into Musical Theatre when I grow up. I look forward to continuing my journey at Razz ......"

He has been chosen to be main parts in numerous theatre shows and has had the opportunity to go to numerous workshops with West End professionals, Commercial performers, TV Director/Producers and even Street Crew Diversity. In 2014 Kai performed at Her Majesty’s Theatre in London’s West End which was a particular highlight. Through one of Razzamataz’s partnerships Kai was chosen to appear on  Top Talent Agency books which landed Kai his first professional jobs, the biggest one being the Tale of Mr Tumble performing alongside Justin Fletcher and Ronni Ancona at the Manchester Opera House. This then went onto  Cebeebies and You Tube with amazing success. Kai has secured numerous awards during his time at Razzamataz including our current ‘Stage Scholarship Winner’ and previous winner of the ‘Rebecca Rennie Student of the year’. Kai has had an incredible journey at Razz so far and we are excited for the future!