Megan has been a student at Razzamataz Sheffield for the past 3 years, she's done a lot in that time and made the most of everything Razzamataz has to offer!

"Razzamataz has given me so many amazing opportunities, from performing in the West End, to winning a year's scholarships in association with The Stage Newspaper! I applied for the scholarship for the experience and couldn't believe it when I won. Winning the scholarship has meant that I could afford to also attend the Razz Project Intense classes which will help me be better prepared for when I audition for Drama school in two years time."

Megan has performed in numerous roles in Razzamataz productions, playing Audrey in Little Shop and most recently Roxie Hart in their performance of Chicago in the West End. Through Razzamataz, Megan has also worked with Sheffield Hallam University to perform as Rizzo in a Grease themed diner night! Megan also took the opportunity to register with The Mandy Network, one of Razzamataz’s partners and was delighted to instantly be offered an audition for and later cast in a Sheffield based movie called ‘Left Behind’.

“Left Behind is a short film about a young girl, struggling to survive after a water born disease wiped out most of the population. I had the amazing opportunity to be apart of it.

I got offered an audition through the agency website After accepting, I was sent a character profile of Evey, the young girl, and a script. At the audition, I was asked to walk around the room the way I think Evey would. Evey doesn’t have many lines in the film, so I had to rely a lot on body language and facial expressions to perform as Evey.

In the rehearsal process, I found how different performing for an audience is to performing on a camera. Film requires relying on subtlety, which Olivier (the director) really helped me on.

The 6-day shoot was one of the toughest things I’ve done. It was an amazing experience, but the long hours and difficult circumstances we had to film in made it really hard. I’m proud of myself for getting through it!

Watching myself on a screen was an extremely surreal experience. The final film was so professional. The crew did an amazing job! This opportunity has helped me think more about the kind of performing I want to do in the future. I would love to participate in more film!”

We are so proud of Megan and her journey with us so far, Megan’s next stop with us is performing in Disneyland Paris in November!