Portia Jeffries, age 16, joined Razzamataz Medway in 2015. She is currently in the Seniors class.

“I love the positivity radiated from all staff and students in all classes. My mood always seems to be uplifted once I’m doing what I love with amazing people around me. My proudest achievement at Razz has to be my role as Deloris in Sister Act in the 2019 summer show. Although this may not be the biggest opportunity Razz has given me compared to something like performing at the O2 or Her Majesty’s Theatre, I feel I grew as a performer throughout the whole process and learnt more about myself. Singing is not my strongest asset, however the buzz and excitement after the Seniors show proved to me I am more than capable of doing anything with the correct mindset. With the encouragement of my Razz teachers, I feel I did myself proud. Joining the Razz family has definitely changed my outlook on many things in life as I’ve learnt to approach situations with a more positive mindset. I’ve learnt how to not let any doubts stop me from attempting new things due to fear of failure. It’s OK to fail, as long as you take it as a learning for the next time you try in the future. I’m so thankful for the strong support system at Razz as there’s no better feeling than knowing your teachers are there for you outside of the studio too. My greatest ambition for the future is just to be successful and happy in whatever I do.”