Why our students come to Razzamataz

From the youngest student in the Minis class to the Senior student looking to take their training to the next level, there are so many reasons why students come to Razzamataz York.

Here are just some of them:

york4Friendship: Razz friends give you a great new circle of companions outside your school circle. You can share your passion for performing, have fun playing drama games and dance to your favourite tunes together.

Fitness: Hours of classes at Razz, rehearsals and perfecting dance moves at home means that you are probably fitter and healthier than most other people your age. Stay healthy and strong to be the best performer you can be.

Mental agility: Learning lines, picking up tricky choreography and singing in harmony tests your mental skills as much as your physical ones. The more you practice the better you will become so keep working that brain power.

Confidence: Do you remember the first time you appeared on stage and how shy you were? The sense of pride after a performance is immense and will booster your confidence helping you in every area of your life.

Responsibility: You need to turn up on time, remember lines and choreography and make sure you don’t let your team mates down during show rehearsals. Being part of Razzamataz teaches you to be responsible and look out for other people.

Fun: Without doubt the most important reason to come to Razzamataz is to have fun. You get to try things you’ve not done before, experience workshops by top industry professionals and hang out with your friends who all love doing the same things as you.

york1“Our students come to Razzamataz for many different reasons,” says Angela Pickup, Principal at Razzamataz York. “Not every child wants to go on and perform professionally but they can all take away skills that will enhance every area of their life. I’m so proud of the fact that one of our little Minis who clung to her mum when she first started is now, age 9, going to be performing with us on a West End theatre stage.”

To find out more about Razzamataz York, call Angela on 01759 306676 or email: [email protected]

Christmas presentation and end of year Awards at Razzamataz York