The Prince's Trust Ambassadors

The Prince’s Trust Ambassadors

The Prince's Trust Ambassadors

We are delighted to announce that Razzamataz Theatre Schools are Ambassadors for The Prince’s Trust. The courses offered by The Trust help young people aged 11-30 to develop their confidence and skills, get ready for work and access job opportunities. Over a period of ten years, the impact of the charity’s work returned £1.4 billion in value to society and, so far, it has helped more than one million young people since it was founded in 1976. 


Razzamataz is very proud to be an Ambassador of Women Supporting Women at The Prince’s Trust, which helps young women get into employment, self-employment, education and training. We are very excited to announce the different ways in which we will be supporting the charity. 



“As a young business woman, The Prince’s Trust gave me the skills and importantly the confidence I needed to face the challenges that launching a business can bring. I’m so proud to be an alumni of The Prince’s Trust and now it is time to give back to many more young ambitious woman like myself,” Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz Theatre Schools. 

Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz, finalist in the EWIF Awards
Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz




Top tips for reducing screen time

Over the winter months, it is easy to see an increase in screen time for the whole family. Cold, grey and wet weather means that leaving the house is not very appealing and inevitably we spend more time on our devices. While you shouldn’t be down on yourself when you see the screen time percentage increase, there are ways in which you and your family can gently reduce the amount of time you spend scrolling and develop healthier habits for the New Year.  


For adults:

  • Set a screen time function so you can keep track on how long you are spending on your phone.
  • If you have a lot of video calls, make sure to go out in between and get fresh air to avoid Zoom fatigue. 
  • Set alarms to make sure you set breaks in between your screen time.
  • Turn off notifications to reduce distractions. 
  • Use an old-fashioned alarm clock or Alexa so you don’t reach for your phone as soon as you wake up.  

For teens:

  • Make sure the adults around them are role modelling healthy habits. 
  • Talk to them about focussing on one task (homework) rather than trying to multitask, which interferes with productivity. 
  • For younger teens, establish rules that will keep them safe and help them make good choices. 
  • Keep phones out of the bedroom at night.
  • They may not think they want to do it, but physical activity is so good for teens. By joining a class such as Razzamataz, they will get physical and mental health benefits and have fun with their real-life friends. 

For children:

  • Help them understand that screen time is a treat and only after homework and other tasks are complete.
  • Encourage other activities that will get them out of the house and keep them fit and active. Children who don’t like sport will get just as many health benefits from dance classes. 
  • Try to eat meals together and keep all devices away from the table. 
  • Encourage book reading in bed and keep screens away at night time. 



Raising happy confident children 

This might be one of the greatest gifts you can give your child. When children lack confidence, they are reluctant to try new things which can have a detrimental impact on their future. Learning to fail is the only way to succeed but if a child lacks the confidence to try, they will never be able to reach their full potential.

Confidence is the key to your child’s mental health and social happiness, building the foundation of an adult’s wellbeing and success. Poor self-image can often lead to behaviour problems and can affect how they get along with others, how they perform at school and relationships as they get older. Giving the gift of confidence is a core value at Razzamataz and these are some of the ways in which we achieve it.


Forget the result – praise the hard work and effort 

When a student is on stage performing beautifully, it is too easy to forget the process it took to get there. Every student at Razzamataz is on their own journey and comes to us with different skills. We ensure that we acknowledge the work and effort they have put in rather than just the final achievement. 

Encourage them to try new things 

Children can find it hard to step out of their comfort zone and try something different. All our schools offer trial sessions, and we make sure that the children feel as comfortable as possible by having a well-thought out on-boarding process. This includes videos from the teachers they will meet through to understanding where the toilets are, we do everything to ensure they have an enjoyable experience. 


Be open to listen to them 

Razzamataz encourages collaboration from the teachers as well as the students. We have many social activities including ‘Nights In’ where we host students and ask them what topics they want to discuss in a fun and laid-back atmosphere. 


Give them responsibilities

Being part of a theatre school and participating in performances means that each person has a responsibility to show up and be the best they can be. Each student has an important role to play and when they take on this responsibility, you can see their confidence growing. 


Give them space to learn and make mistakes 

Razzamataz is a safe space for children to discover who they are. This allows them to be silly, make mistakes and in the process discover who they are. We don’t judge them, which means they won’t judge others, giving everyone the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.


Show interest in their passions 

It’s a privilege to be part of young people’s lives, especially when they share with you what their hopes and dreams for the future are. At Razzamataz, we make sure we give students so many opportunities to try new things and widen their horizons to show them that their passions are achievable with belief, dedication and resilience. 


Celebrate all victories

Whether students come to us to tell us they have gained a leading role in a TV show or had the confidence to audition for a speaking part in their school play, we make sure they know that every achievement is important to us, and we celebrate it along with their Razzamataz friends. 


Razzamataz merchandise 

Did you know that we have our own merchandise shop where you can buy your uniform plus additional products such as water bottles, jackets, and Razz Teds. Take a look at what’s available click here:


Training Academy goes live

Now is a great time to become part of the Razzamataz family. Our new Training Academy has gone live, allowing our teachers and team to progress through the ranks, receive access to CPD and on completion, gain the Razzamataz diploma – all completely free of charge. Click here to start today:


Book in for a free taster session 

We offer a wide range of classes for children and young people, starting at Tiny Tots for babies with their parent/caregiver up until the age of 18.  All students will receive high quality training in dance, acting and singing in a range of styles from traditional musical theatre through to the commercial genres of street dance, pop singing and acting for camera. Book here:


Work with us

We are looking for dynamic partners to own a Razzamataz Theatre School as well as teachers and assistants. If you are looking to make a difference in your local community to the lives of young people and you have a passion for performing arts, we would love to hear from you. 


Secure your place to find out more 

Our next short informal virtual Discovery Dens will tell you more about working with multi-award winning Razzamataz. 

Thursday 2nd February 7pm and Wednesday 8th February 7pm 

To book contact 07821 122242 or click here to book your place: