Reasons to thank mum and dad!

If you are a child who grew up with performing arts in your life, then you have very many reasons why you should be thanking your parents.

Participating in the theatre arts gives young people skills that they can use everyday in life as they reach maturity. Learning to sing, dance and act is just the very tip of the iceberg. Whatever career children go on to choose, the confidence and the life skills that they learn through performing arts gives them a huge advantage to reach their dreams.

plymouth-3Teamwork skills: putting on a show will mean that you have to cooperate, compromise and collaborate with many different people from the show’s principle through to backstage staff. Only team players can work in the theatre.

Coping under pressure: everyone gets stage fright but learning how to deal with it from a young age is a great way of becoming good at dealing with stress or difficult situations.

Dealing with rejection: missing out on a part that you really wanted is always hard but learning to deal with rejection and come back with a positive attitude is hugely important in dealing with life as an adult.

Working to a deadline: kids that have been theatre trained don’t put stuff off to the last minute. The fear of being on stage and not knowing your lines or a dance routine is enough to make everyone buckle down and practice.

Brain power: remembering a dance routine, lines or even where to move around on stage will mean that your brain gets used to multi tasking. Having these memory tricks to learn all you need to do on stage is superb practice for studying for exams.

Keeping fit: you may not like traditional exercise but working in the theatre, whether it is backstage, front of house or on the stage, means that you need to be physically fit. However, you will be having so much fun that you won’t even realise you are exercising.

AnnieBeing a pro: whether it is a paid job or for the local amateur dramatics, for children involved in the theatre, this is probably the first time they’ve been exposed to working with adults and they will have to show maturity, enthusiasm and have a good work ethic. All skills that will be very much valued later on in life too.

Being humble: no matter how talented you are, when you work in the theatre you will always be given ways in which you can improve. Being humble and learning to take criticism with an open mind is a skill that will stand you in good stead for the rest of your life.

At Razzamataz Plymouth, students are given every opportunity to learn skills and work with professionals that will give them the most valuable attributes as they mature. “We are delighted to be able to offer Arts Awards, an accredited qualification for young people aged 11 plus, which is recognised on the UCAS Tariff,” says Deborah Bond, Principal of Razzamataz Plymouth.

“Our students also get the valuable experience of working with theatre arts professionals. We have just had a High School Musical workshop and our new dance teacher is a musical theatre performer who has played leading roles in the West End including Sophie from Mamma Mia!, Eliza Dolittle in My Fair Lady, Sally Bowles in Cabaret and she was also in the cast of Cats at 16.”

If you want your child to have some of these opportunities, give Deborah a call to book a free trial session on T: 01626 367 010 / 075251 77788 or email: [email protected]
Classes are held every Saturday morning during term time at Oakwood Primary School, Southway, Plymouth.