Razzamataz scores their highest franchisee satisfaction rating to date

Razzamataz scores their highest franchisee satisfaction rating to date

As part of its twenty year birthday activities, Razzamataz Theatre Schools asked its franchisees for a satisfaction rating and was delighted with the response. In fact, results are up 6% from 2018 and the Dragons’ Den backed franchise have received the Continuous Improvement Award as their score has improved for two consecutive surveys.

The Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark is provided by WorkBuzz – a leading independent franchise consultancy that helps reputable franchisors to improve franchise network performance and growth

Razzamataz Theatre Schools were delighted with its response rate which gave an overall Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark Score of 88%, with many of its broken down results rating much higher. It was also the first franchisor in 2020 to be given the Continuous Improvement Award, resulting in a 5 Star Satisfaction Rating.

For example, Razzamataz scored 100% when asked about products and services, the Razzamataz system scored 96% and the training and support received was given 91%. Together with the results, franchisees provided some anonymous supporting testimonials. “Our Head Office training is very responsive to any new legislation and/or issues that arise.”

MD and Founder of Razzamataz Denise Hutton-Gosney says: “After twenty years in business, we don’t take for granted how important it is that we listen to our franchisees. We use these surveys to highlight the areas that we are doing well and take on feedback on where we can improve and what the needs of our current franchisees are. We are delighted with the results which shows that our heavy investment into supporting our franchisees is appreciated.”

Many of the Razzamataz network’s amazing Franchisees and Head Office team at the recent annual conference

Franchisee satisfaction is a powerful concept in franchising. Positive levels of franchisee satisfaction can contribute to strong network growth and development. On the reverse, poor satisfaction levels have the potential to destroy value and damage a franchise system to its core.

Franchisees are asked to score the franchisor in a number of key areas: Training & Support (Razzamataz were 21% above the industry average), The System (Razzamataz were 14% above the industry average), Culture & Relationships (Razzamataz were 7% above the industry average), Leadership (Razzamataz were 12% above the industry average) and General Satisfaction (Razzamataz were 8% above the industry average).

As well as understanding how Razzamataz is performing through the eyes of its franchisees. In these critical areas, it also indicates their level of optimism about the future with 91% of Razzamataz franchisees expecting to see their profitability improve during the next 12 months.

As in every business, there are challenges that Razzamataz are currently addressing by bringing in further marketing experts to look at the best way to market across the UK. Experts include Hannah Power, Personal Branding Specialist, who works with a range of clients including her mum, Penny Power OBE.

“We understand where the challenges lie and we regularly work with various experts to provide franchisees with the very latest training and advice,” adds Denise. “As the business continues to grow, we can provide more and more opportunities for franchisees and their students, which helps them to build their own business and supports them to offer exceptional opportunities for young people in their area.”

Hear from our franchisees

“The flexible nature of working hours is very valuable to me.”

“Being able to give amazing opportunities to my students, building up their confidence, and building a school that takes Performing Arts seriously.”

“Clear guidelines on business model, but with enough scope to make it your own.”

“Giving back to the Community and the Franchisees networking group.”

“Investment in business systems to streamline admin and save us time.”

“Ongoing personal and professional development – job satisfaction.”

“The support of the network, Head Office and other Franchisees is like no other!”

“I’m proud to be a part of Razzamataz.”

Join our network

As a multiple-award-winning franchise, celebrating twenty years in business, Razzamataz franchisees come from all walks of life. They don’t need to have experience in performing arts or business because of the contacts and training that they can access through the network. All that is required is a passion for the arts, the willingness to work hard and learn and the enthusiasm to run their own business with the help, support and advice of the Head Office team.

If you have the desire needed to run your own theatre school, speak to our friendly Head Office staff and find out how you can transfer your skills. We currently have an offer for interest free finance for exceptional candidates for the main Razzamataz franchise and a 50% offer for the Razzamataz Early Years franchise. Call 01768213086, email: [email protected] or visit: www.razzamataz.co.uk/franchise-opps/discovery-dens/



About the Franchise Satisfaction Benchmark (FSB)

The FSB is provided by WorkBuzz, a leading independent franchise consultancy. It works by inviting existing franchisees to participate in an anonymous online survey which asks them 31 questions about their franchise ownership experience. Usining a consistent methodology, the franchise is assigned an overall FSB score and the highest performing franchisors are recognised in the Best Franchise Awards. For more information please visit: www.bestfranchiseawards.co.uk/

“This report is published by WorkBuzz. It is not intended to be an endorsement or recommendation by WorkBuzz. It is strongly recommended that any prospective franchisee completes thorough due diligence and receives professional advice before investing in any franchise.”