Lighting up London’s West End

An evening with the brilliance of Razzamataz students unfolded at the Shaftesbury Theatre in the heart of London’s vibrant theatre district. The atmosphere was charged with energy, anticipation and exhilaration as the Razzamataz gala showcase took centre stage. This marked the network’s tenth time in the West End and is just one example of the incredible opportunities that students and their families gain by being part of Razzamataz.


The sold-out show demonstrated not just the exceptional performing arts training that the children receive, it also enables them to learn so many important life skills. From team work through to resilience and understanding the importance of commitment, the cast of more than 260 students across 11 schools will be making memories that will last a lifetime.


Hosted by seasoned professional, Matt Lee-Alliston, the show seamlessly combined professionalism with a display of the students’ talent and dedication. An incredible evening of celebrating the joys of performing arts for all the children, audience, teachers and team members.

Act one


My Shot

Razzamataz Romford & Hornchurch, Brentwood & Thurrock

What a way to open the show with one of the biggest hits in the West End and Broadway, transporting the audience back to the 1780s. The costumes were nothing short of fabulous, and the cast exuded an abundance of swag, perfectly aligning with the ethos of this phenomenal production. The confident solos showcased the performers’ individual prowess, while their unique Razzamataz twist added a refreshing touch. The intricate choreography paid homage to the original Broadway performance, revealing the remarkable maturity of these young talents. A standout moment was the delivery of the hardest rap in the piece by a young performer, executed with flawless confidence. The production emphasised equal importance for every cast member, allowing each to shine individually and highlighting the colossal team effort involved. The performance radiated energy, with a particularly fun moment of King George’s song, turned into a highly relatable squabble between friends. The infusion of fun throughout the show seamlessly captured its humour, making for an unforgettable experience.


Don’t Drive 88!


Razzamataz Leighton Buzzard

In a quest to fix the present, escape the past, and journey back to the future, the students of this production demonstrated an impressive drive reminiscent of pure energy. With each performer exuding vitality and joy, they successfully brought the essence of the famous movie to the West End. The atmosphere was bright and bubbly, and the scene setting was truly wonderful, with big, happy smiles from every cast member transporting the audience back to the 1950s. Seamlessly referencing classic parts of the movie, the young cast filled the stage with their infectious energy. Standout solo singers displayed maturity and depth, while the incorporation of dance styles from the 50s added an authentic touch. The perfect blend of song, dance, and acting showcased the triple-threat talents of the performers, resulting in a feel-good performance that left a lasting impression.


Hard Knock Life!

Razzamataz Southend

This exceptionally talented cast delivered a fresh and vibrant interpretation of the beloved musical, infusing it with their unique flair. Bursting onto the stage with commercial street dance energy, the students set an electrifying tone for their Annie-inspired performance. Before the iconic song “Tomorrow,” the cast displayed lovely acting, building anticipation for the moment, which was then delivered with exceptional talent. Miss Hannigan stole the spotlight with impeccable comic timing and mature acting, particularly shining in her rendition of “Little Girls.” Her performance exuded confidence and a seamless familiarity with the West End stage. The choreography throughout was fantastic, executed with wonderful technique and performance skills. Each character took ownership of their role, collectively bringing this iconic musical up to date with a dynamic and memorable production.


Dancing is Not A Crime!

Razzamataz Torbay


The celebration of performing arts and the exuberance of young people’s desire to revel in a great time through dance were brilliantly showcased in this vibrant performance. The opening punchy number, everyone’s favorite “Footloose,” set an electrifying tone, blowing the roof off the Shaftesbury with its great energy and tight choreography. The production offered different students a chance to shine in their specialties, be it dance, singing, or acting. The stand-out song “Need a Hero” brimmed with energy and attitude, with every cast member fully immersed in the moment, creating delightful comic interludes. A fabulous wrap routine infused with expertly delivered commercial dance added just the right touch of humor, showcasing the teenage spirit and turning the stage into a lively dance party. The entire performance was a testament to the joyous celebration of youth and the power of dance to create a memorable and entertaining experience.



School of Plymouth

Razzamataz Plymouth

These talented students took the Shaftesbury by storm, rocking the roof off and leaving the audience dancing in their seats. The piece kicked off with a solo start and intriguing staging, leading into a beautiful and soft opening number where every cast member maintained a remarkable focus and intensity. Despite their youth, the students delivered a surprisingly mature performance. The cheeky choreography, featuring kids rocking out, infused the production with an infectious energy, creating a funny and cool interpretation of the iconic songs. Comedy and creativity blended seamlessly, highlighted by split jumps during the song “In the Band.” Sweet and thoughtful moments showcased the raw energy of children, creating a wonderful contrast between comedy, thought-provoking emotions, and undeniable talent. The energy remained high from start to finish, with “Stick it to the Man” standing out as another highlight, demonstrating the kids’ exuberant takeover with a perfect blend of energy, humor, and boldness.


Revolting Children

Razzamataz Carlisle & Dumfries

The performance delivered a beautiful message of self-acceptance and love, making it a truly enchanting experience. The students infused lots of character into their rendition of this iconic musical, navigating intricate choreography with apparent ease. A special shout-out goes to the scary Ms. Trunchbull, portrayed with all the attributes and comic value, showcasing exceptional maturity and confidence. From the youngest to the oldest cast member, the energy was consistently bright and vibrant. The show managed to strike a perfect balance between funny and poignant moments, executed with a maturity beyond the performers’ years. There were certainly many happy tears in the audience. The rendition of “Revolting Children” was a highlight, exuding excellent street dance energy and capturing the fun and cheekiness of this iconic show.


Act two 

Seize The Day

Razzamataz Weymouth

These incredible students truly embodied the change they wish to see in the world, presenting a performance that seamlessly combined a social justice narrative with exceptional talent. The sharp choreography skillfully transported the audience to the streets of New York, creating a mature and sensitive performance. The cast’s fantastic New York accents added authenticity to their dramatic storytelling through both song and dance. The professionalism of the cast was evident as they worked together seamlessly, delivering both lovely small group routines and impressive larger group numbers. Solo and small group vocal performances showcased excellent harmonies, contributing to an emotional and intelligent overall presentation. The dynamic dancing, in harmony with the powerful narrative, came together to tell an important and impactful story that left a lasting impression on the audience.


You Can’t Stop The Beat!

Razzamataz South Lakes & Stockton On Tees

This performance was a jubilant celebration of love, equality, and individuality, radiating with heart and joy. The cast embraced a bold and bright demeanor, their faces glowing with excitement and happiness throughout. With cheeky fun and sharp flicks and kicks, they embodied the spirit of this iconic musical, undoubtedly the “Nicest Kids in Town.” Infusing humor, sweetness, and light into every moment, the performance left the audience with smiles that endured from start to finish. Reflecting the ethos of Razzamataz—focused on fun and building confidence—this cast exemplified both, maintaining an energetic and engaging atmosphere from beginning to end. A feel-good musical was met with a feel-good performance, cheeky and entertaining in equal measure.


Goodness Knows!

Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield

In a stunning departure from convention, this performance proved to be a remarkably mature and thought-provoking take on an iconic musical, challenging traditional perceptions. The students masterfully guided the audience on a journey deep into storytelling, offering an original and clever reinvention of the familiar. The entire cast delivered a mature and professional performance, each member contributing to the thought-inspiring narrative. Solo performers tackled significant songs with the collective support of the cast, creating magic through clever staging, including a Wicked mash-up that added a contemporary and relevant twist. The cast seamlessly navigated changes in pace, taking on some of the most iconic songs and reshaping their meaning to resonate with young audiences today. They captured the essence of the show and made it uniquely theirs, elevating the performance to a level of creativity and relevance that left a lasting impact.


Let the Sun Shine On

Razzamataz Thurrock, Brentwood and Romford & Hornchurch

In a mature and intriguing rendition of a beloved Disney phenomenon, the question loomed: can love truly save the day? The young cast breathed life into this much-loved film and performed with their hearts to truly touch the audience. Despite their youth, the very young cast confidently took the stage, infusing humor and drama into their performance with a cheeky and fun spirit. A standout moment was the energetic performance of “Fixer Upper,” adding a burst of lively energy to the show. The cast adeptly navigated quick scene and emotional changes, handling them beautifully as they built up to the iconic “Let It Go,” concluding the performance on a powerful and memorable note.



Razzamataz Brentwood, Thurrock and Romford & Hornchurch

The closing act of the show lived up to the high energy and enthusiasm expected from all Razzamataz schools, delivering a performance that had it all. The piece showcased commercial skills with a powerful opening, combining lots of attitude, teenage angst, and confident, mature vocals. The inclusion of cheerleader tricks alongside strong vocals added a dynamic flair to the show. Incorporating pop singing and dancing, the performance seamlessly blended commercial elements with dramatic pieces. Numerous solo performers demonstrated remarkable professionalism, exuding confidence on the iconic West End stage. The students navigated complicated choreography with precision, each delivering a strong performance. The overall high energy captured the fun ethos of Razzamataz, making for a finale that left a lasting impression. GO RAZZ!