Razzamataz Theatre Schools, Franchise Feedback

Franchisee Feedback

Razzamataz Theatre Schools, Franchise Feedback

Franchisee feedback


“There is always room for growth. I doubt I will ever become stagnant.” – Razzamataz franchisee.



Razzamataz Theatre Schools are delighted to announce the excellent feedback from their own franchisees at the end of a challenging few years. Despite the huge difficulties the performing arts sector has faced in the last two years, 97% of franchisees said that they wanted to expand their business and 100% of franchisees said that Head Office go the extra mile to help.


Growth despite the pandemic


“We are delighted to have received this recognition, in light of what has been a hugely challenging two years with lockdowns and no live performances permitted,” explains Denise Hutton-Gosney, MD and Founder of Razzamataz Theatre Schools. “Despite the restrictions, the feedback from our franchisees has been wonderful and we have had several new franchisees join the network, existing franchisees take on new territories and many schools seeing significant growth with parents desperate to provide fun and healthy activities for their children.”


A friendly and welcoming network


The one overriding theme from the franchisees was how much they missed real life contact with others in the network. At the start of the year, Razzamataz was delighted to be able to host a Conference in London and is looking at more ways in which to help franchisees stay in touch. “Absolutely love collaborating with other franchisees. Seeing people at the recent Conference was a highlight.”


Plans for the future


Looking to the future, Razzamataz has invested in numerous experts to support franchisees with their business structure and planning. Like many, the pandemic has caused people to reassess their work/life balance, which is why Razzamataz is going into this year with further support with one-to-one sessions, Action Coach training and social media marketing to help franchisees work smarter. In previous reports, one of the challenges that the business and individual franchisees faced was day to day admin systems and budgeting. Razzamataz acknowledged these challenges and has introduced a new, smart business management system, which will greatly reduce time spent on admin.





Increased support


Having to quickly adapt to the pandemic, and the huge amount of time and resource it took to pivot the business online, has meant that a few exciting business incentives were paused. However, Razzamataz is delighted that there is going to be more staff training nationally for franchisees, teachers, and staff as well as numerous growth initiatives supported by business coach and mentor Adam Stott. “Support is incredible. Some of the recent tools added to our franchises really help develop our business.” “There will be incentives at every level to encourage and support franchisees to build their business as well as small mentoring hubs led by bfa award-winning franchisees,” adds Denise. “We have lots of exciting plans for 2022 and beyond including two amazing performance opportunities for our students in the West End, which is a huge marketing opportunity for franchisees.”


Hear from our franchisees


When asked about the three best things about the franchise, there were numerous wonderful comments including:


  •  24-hour support where needed
  • Financial rewards
  • Expansion opportunities
  • Excellent brand awareness
  • Industry knowledge
  • Flexibility
  • Helping with children’s confidence and social skills.
  • Strong core product, with flexible additional revenue streams.

How to start a theatre school business


There are almost 60 part-time Razzamataz schools up and down the UK with franchisees coming from a wide range of backgrounds, achieving successful businesses that fit flexibly around their lifestyles. Being part of a franchise has enabled many people to launch their own successful theatre schools even if they have not got any business background or contacts in the performing arts industry. Razzamataz Principals include teachers, stay at home parents, young graduates, and retired performers. The strong core product with additional revenue streams, student welfare and opportunities and the ongoing training and support were also highlighted and praised for allowing Razzamataz franchisees to succeed.





Join our team


We are looking for dynamic partners to own a Razzamataz Theatre School. If you are looking to make a difference in your local community to the lives of young people and you have a passion for performing arts, we would love to hear from you. Razzamataz was also delighted to be announced as the winners of the WorkBuzz 2020/21 Best Franchise Awards sponsored by Lloyds Bank as Best Franchise in the £2-£10m network turnover category.