Careers for performers at the end of their professional journey

Careers for performers at the end of their professional journey


Working as a professional performer is a challenging path, full of highs and lows. But what do you do when you decide to move on from professional performance? We take a look at why you have all the right skills to be an entrepreneur.


Risk taking 

Many of the Razzamataz network’s amazing Franchisees and Head Office team at the 2020 annual conference (Photo pre-COVID)

Running your own business is always going to entail a little bit of risk. As a performer, stepping out on stage, you are always putting yourself out there. Performers put themselves in unfamiliar situations all the time, which is the mindset that an entrepreneur needs to adopt. No matter how many times you rehearse, there is always the element of unknown during live theatre. This same feeling can be applied to running your own business and if you can be comfortable with feeling uncomfortable some of the time, you are half way to becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Building a profile

All performers have had to pitch themselves in auditions and casting calls. Being successful is not just about how well you sing, dance or act, performers are constantly interviewed and asked to think about why they would be right for the job. This makes them brilliant at sales pitches to either raise finance or to get customers interested in their business. A seasoned performer would have attended so many auditions that not a lot will get them flustered and many will happily laugh at themselves and help the audition panel to feel at ease. To be a successful entrepreneur, you need to reach out to people on a personal level and having a good sense of humour can help you to do that.



Denise with Razzamataz students at The Stage scholarship winners party (Photo pre-COVID)

Overcoming failure is something that every performer has to get used to. The reality is that you will be rejected numerous times during the audition process and it is something that all performers have to learn to get used to. This helps to build resilience, a quality that is very important when building a business.


Being creative

Those in the theatre arts are creative individuals and look at things in a different way. This willingness to approach problems in a unique way is something that sets the best entrepreneurs apart. Solutions don’t always come from traditional routes, so it is important to be creative to nourish fresh thinking, which can bring new ideas to life.  A creative mindset is needed for every aspect of business and while some parts of business you can learn from a text book, being creative is something that needs to be nurtured over many years.



Razzamataz was delighted to receive the 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction and Continuous Improvement Awards.

Performers are excellent communicators. Acting a role encourages empathy and helps us to recognise the importance of every individual and treat everyone with respect. These skills are especially important when you are leading a team of people. To get the best out of your workforce, it is crucial that you have good communicating skills. Your business will not grow without good people around you and every entrepreneur knows that nurturing their team is the secret to their success.



Perhaps you are not quite ready to hang up your dancing, acting or singing shoes just yet. Many people choose to start their own business for the flexibility it gives them. As a performer, you will have learnt all about patience and rejection, both invaluable skills for a business owner.


Performer turned business owner 

Michael French of Razzamataz Barnet, our Future Fund charity ambassador and former West End performer

Meet Michael French, franchisee of Razzamataz Barnet and former West End performer. “Since launching my Razzamataz Theatre School Franchise I have been blown away with the level of support and mentoring I have received over the past ten years. We frequently get top speakers and industry professionals come onboard and guide us in this ever changing environment. Our Head Office is always amazing at moving with the times and the business is ever evolving to make things easier and more efficient for franchisees. Having been a professional musical theatre performer for twelve years I wanted to keep involved in the industry I love and opening a Razzamataz Theatre School seemed like such a fantastic way to pass on my own professional knowledge and experience to the next generation of budding performers. Being in musical theatre, I was lucky enough to work pretty much back to back for such a sustained period but, of course, I never really knew where the next job was coming from and now I have a regular income with the experience of an award-winning franchise behind me to point me in the right direction.”


Run your own successful business

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