Razzamataz, Barnet, Children, Perform, Michael French

Why children should perform

Razzamataz, Barnet, Children, Perform, Michael French

Do you ever question why you send your children to singing, dancing and acting classes? Is it for fun, fitness to make new friends or a combination of all three?

Regardless of if they want to be professional performer, having the chance to be on stage is something that can positively shape a child’s life, a benefit that many parents don’t initially consider.

Over the last three years at Razzamataz Barnet, I’ve proudly watched our students blossom each year we’ve put on a show. In fact, so popular have they become with students and their families that we’ve had to take our show to a lager venue this year.

As I pack away the last of our costumes for our last show I feel incredibly proud of all the hard work that our students and teachers put in to make it happen.

Each show, each class and each child presents a different challenge. We have had students on the autistic spectrum and students that are being selected to work professionally, but the best part for me as the Principal is putting on a show where each and every child gets a staring role.

The process of creating a show is also something that children can learn from. Collaborating in the workforce is something that is now really being encouraged but collaboration in the arts has been going on forever.

Through working together, children learn a mutual respect for their classmates and teachers and seeing the positive reaction from the audience brings home why hard work achieves something special.

Learning skills in a class environment is one thing but getting to showcase those skills on a stage is something that our young people will take with them to boost their confidence whatever they do in later years.

I have been a performer all my life and I’m grateful that through Razzamataz I get the chance to share my passion with my students. From the shyest to the most outgoing, there is a place in Razzamataz and on the stage for each and every student.

At Razzamataz Barnet, we pride ourselves on offering as many performing opportunities as possible. It’s not just about performing on a theatre stage, our students have entertained crowds during street festivals and Christmas fairs. So although we are all feeling a little sad now our show has finished, there are loads more exciting things to look forward to.

If you want to give your child the opportunity to learn new life skills, drop us a line for a free taster day on E: [email protected] or speak to Michael on 01923805846.