What is the Razzamataz Future Fund?

The Future Fund is the registered charity of Razzamataz Theatre Schools.
Charity Number: 1135252

It has been created so that we can offer a very special opportunity exclusively for students of Razzamataz Theatre Schools. The opportunity is to advance the education of students of any Razzamataz Theatre School in particular by the provision of grants to enable them to continue their training in performing and creative arts. Students are able to apply to the Future Fund for grants to help fund courses to further their progression into the performing or creative arts industry. Our aim in creating the Future Fund is to create life-changing scholarships for our students and help them realise their dreams and aspirations in performing arts.

We’ve even launched our very own Future Fund song ‘I Believe’, check out some of our schools singing by downloading the song from itunes here, you can even download the lyrics by following the link below…


Here are some frequently asked Future Fund questions..

Am I eligible to apply?

If you will be 16 years of age by 1st September 2020 and have attended a Razzamataz Theatre School for a minimum of two years consecutively you may be eligible. You must also be able to show evidence of a conditional or unconditional offer on a course that relates to the Razzamataz curriculum. It must include but does not have to be limited to one or more of the following: Performing Arts, Musical Theatre, Acting for Stage, Acting for Screen, Singing or Dance. Dance courses must contain Musical Theatre dance or Street dance in their course content. Singing courses must contain either the Musical Theatre or Commercial genres in their course content. If you will be leaving a Razzamataz school at the end of the academic year in which you turn 18 then you may request a 12 month deferral providing you will still be attending a full time Further Education establishment. Please note requests must be sent prior to the end of your time at a Razzamataz Theatre School.

Can I leave Razzamataz and then apply?

We are allowing students who have left Razzamataz but have been with the school for more than ten years’ to enter if they are eligible and fit the age criteria. Also if your application is a deferral as outlined above.

How do I apply?

Your school Principal will send you an application pack. Email back the completed application form and send to your Razz principal. Applications are open and the deadline will be Friday 22nd May 2020.

Audition/ Interview

All applications will be invited to an interview proving their application form is complete and they have provided sufficient information on their course criteria and funding requirements. The auditions/interviews will be held in Birmingham on Sunday 14th June 2020.

For the audition you must prepare three x 2 minute pieces from the following areas showing your skills in drama, dance and singing:

-Musical Theatre Song

-Musical Theatre Dance

-Acting for Stage

-Street Dance

-Commercial Dance

-Commercial Singing

-Acting for Screen

After you have performed there will also be a short interview section with the judges.

What happens next?

After all candidates have been interviewed, a decision will be made by the panel of judges and The scholarship recipient will be announced by the end of August 2020 if subject to a conditional offer or July 2020 if not subject to conditions. Dependent on available funds and the number of eligible clients, the grants awarded may differ in value. We would also advise each applicant to seek other means of funding as well as applying for the Razzamataz Future Fund.

Further Terms & Conditions

*All information requested in the application form is required before any grant is considered.

*You must be able to provide evidence of the costs involved as part of the grant application.

*You must be able to provide evidence of acceptance or offers for any courses applied for.

*Grants will normally be one-off payments.

*Grants may be awarded to contribute towards course fees, accommodation costs, travel costs or any other legitimate costs associated with undertaking further training in the Performing Arts. All criteria in regards to course content and applicant eligibility must still be met.

*Each grant application will be considered on its merit and the trustees and judges reserve the right to reject any application which does not meet the required criteria.

*After the grant is awarded you must, to the best of your ability, complete the full course and have satisfactory attendance. Failure to meet these criteria could result in repayment of the grant.