Twenty years of memories

Twenty years of memories


It is not only the students and their families who have enjoyed special memories with Razzamataz. Our Principals share some of their highlights of their own Razzamataz journey as we take an emotional stroll through memory lane.


“There are so many special memories but I think the Ashley Banjo workshop was a big one. It was so great to work with such a high profile industry professional and it really felt like we were part of something special,” Helen Bell, Principal Razzamataz Sheffield.

Sheffield team with Ashley Banjo


“I would have to say our HM2016 performance. The piece, based on 13, was perfectly suited to the students and everyone invested themselves fully. It was the personification of a team effort and great fun throughout the process,” Claire Walford, Principal Razzamataz Yeovil.

Students at Yeovil perform a piece based on ’13’












“My biggest highlight was launching Project Intense and really feeling like we can make a difference in the lives of young people who want to further their education in the performing arts. I feel very lucky that Razzamataz helps me pass on knowledge and training to my students with our Project Intense class,” Kayleigh Redford, Principal Razzamataz Newcastle.

Project Intense at Newcastle


“The highlight of my Razzamataz story so far is aiding the huge success story that is Tamara Smart. We like to highlight every achievement of every single student at Razzamataz, but Tamara’s journey has completely gone beyond anyone’s imaginations. In January 2015, Tamara was cast as Enid Nightshade in a BBC remake of the Worst Witch. She then went on to be cast as Hailey Hicks in the prime BBC series Hard Sun alongside Jim Sturgess. In January 2018 she was cast as Juliet Butler in Disney’s Artemis Fowl working alongside Dame Judy Dench. In June 2019 Tamara was cast in Nickelodeon’s Are You Afraid of the Dark? and she has also just been revealed as one of the leads in Netflix’s Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting with Indya Moore and Tom Felton,” Michael French, Principal Razzamataz Barnet.

Tamara Smart


“There have been so many incredible moments during my time with Razzamataz but one that really stands out is the Indigo at the O2 Arena performance. To see our students performing in that iconic venue with such confidence, attack and charisma is something I will never forget and absolutely what Razzamataz is all about,” Lauren Bill, Principal Razzamataz Weymouth.

Weymouth students at the Indigo at the o2 Arena











“We held our show premiere complete with our own red carpet. As soon as the show started everyone started singing along, and then stood up and did all the movements to the songs. We had a very shy boy in Minis, Henry Summers who had just moved up to Juniors. When the Mini’s class big musical theatre number came on the screen everyone took the opportunity to have a break and sat down but suddenly Henry was on his feet and in front of everyone started doing the whole routine alone! After he had sat down, one of his classmates went up to him and gave him a high-five and said well done followed by every single other student. His mum said he felt like a pop star,” Eve Aston, Principal Razzamataz Tonbridge.

Henry from Tonbridge


“My biggest highlight so far has to be the performance at Her Majesty’s in December 2019.  For our students to get the opportunity to perform on such a famous stage was amazing and they worked so very hard on their piece, displaying amazing teamwork and camaraderie from the youngest student to the oldest,” Debbi Ledwith, Principal Razzamataz Newbury.

Newbury students at Her Majesty’s Theatre


“Watching our students perform the parade choreography down Main Street USA at Disneyland® Paris was so special. I was stood under the Christmas tree and our students were being watched by thousands of people, they were literally living the dream and I just felt so emotional thinking .. how is this my job? Such a proud moment,” Charlotte Olivares, Principal Razzamataz Maidstone.