Razz Fit launches in Sheffield







The Dragons’ Den backed theatre school franchise Razzamataz is delighted to announce the launch of a brand new product set to help get the nation fitter.


Razz Fit has been created to help busy parents allocate time in their day to exercise, not always easy when much of the time is spent taking children to their various activities.


The benefit of Razz Fit is that parents can take part in exercise classes while their children are attending the regular performing arts classes at Razzamataz on a Saturday. So rather than just sitting in the waiting area, they can use their time efficiently exercising while their children are having fun and learning new skills with their performing arts teachers at Razzamataz.


The launch of Razz Fit is taking place at Razzamataz Sheffield, one of the company’s flagship schools that is owned by Principal Helen Bell. Since opening Razzamataz Sheffield in September 2012, the school has exploded in popularity with new classes opening almost every term to cope with demand. Today, the school boasts more than 325 students starting in age from just two.


“I speak to many of the students’ parents who say that although they would love to participate in exercise to keep up with the pace of their children, they simply don’t have time,” explains Helen. “Parents are very dedicated to giving their children many opportunities which does mean that weekends are often spent taking them from one to the other, leaving very little time for themselves. We hope that Razz Fit can address this problem and give parents some much needed time to fit exercise into their busy schedules.”


During the Razz Fit classes, adults will take part in a fun, energetic, dance-based workout designed to increase fitness levels, tighten and tone those tricky areas and blast the fat. The class will finish with a targeted based abdominal section to strengthen and define the core.


“Exercise has so many positive benefits, particulary for parents of children,” adds Helen. “Exercise gives you more energy and the endorphins that are released during it will give people the boost they need to cope with the busy life of a parent.”


Furthermore, it has been proven that people are more likely to stick to an exercise plan if it is incorporated into their everyday life and it becomes part of their general routine. Razz Fit is offered in six week blocks and each week the teacher will build on combinations so participants will see real progress, which will spur them on for each session.


“As well as improving people’s fitness, we believe that Razz Fit will be a hugely enjoyable class and offer something a little different to what is currently on the market,” adds Helen. “Through Razzamataz we know that the best way to get children exercising is doing something that is really good fun, so much so that the students don’t even realise they are keeping fit. We hope to emulate this in Razz Fit.”  


Although it is expected that the majority of people who attend Razz Fit will be parents of Razzamataz students, the classes are open for all to enjoy

Razz Fit will be every Saturday morning in term time from 9-10am at Razzamataz Sheffield located in Meadowhead School, Dyche Lane. The classes start on Saturday 10th September and will cost just £5 and then a further £25 if participants choose to continue for the next five weeks.


To book your place or for further information, contact Helen Bell on Email: [email protected] or call 07979189177 / 0114 3030 455.