Learning life skills

Have you ever asked yourself why you send your child to learn singing, dancing and acting? For many parents, it really isn’t because they envisage a life on the stage – when your child is five, it’s quite hard to think of the next year let alone project to them being an adult.

So what is it? Speaking to some of our parents in our Razzamataz schools, we have quickly come to the understanding that parents don’t pay for their child to learn performing arts, they do it for the chance for them to learn invaluable life skills and grow in confidence.

Take Tony Cole, dad to Rose age five who attends Razzamataz Durham. “We were looking for something interesting for Rose to do during the summer as an alternative to the usual child care arrangements in the school holidays,” he explains. “We very quickly realised that Razzamataz was everything it said it would be, and more. Rose was able to be quite expressive and confident, and clearly flourished in the fun environment. She loved the experience, and performed with great enthusiasm on the final day. The ladies that ran the classes were bubbly, enthusiastic and very professional. We’ve now signed up for the termly theatre school classes, and Rose is very excited about that.”

For many parents like Tony, Razzamataz is giving their children opportunities to develop positive attributes that will serve them well throughout their lives.

“Performing arts teaches so much more than just how to wow people on stage,” explains Alison Beveridge, Principal of Razzamataz Durham. “It instills commitment, teamwork, dedication and a strong can do attitude. It’s very rewarding to see our students progress and grow in confidence.”

Children at Razzamataz Durham understand that even if they are tired, it’s important to remain focused and attend lessons, especially leading up to show time, so their teachers can create a wonderful piece. The students recognise that working as a team is hugely important, particularly in a dance to ensure that the choreography is executed well and aesthetically pleasing. Children will learn that they won’t accomplish every difficult movement or learn the words to a tricky song or drama piece instantly. It will take time and practice and when they do master it, they will enjoy an enormous sense of achievement.

“Children gain a wealth of attributes by engaging in performing arts lessons. The best thing is that they don’t even realise they are acquiring these important life skills,” says Alison. “They are learning to take care of their bodies, respect friendships and set goals for themselves. Our sessions take place in a fun, safe environment, where each and every child is encouraged to express themselves and to be the best that they can be. We don’t put limits on anyone, whatever their skill set or background. You will be amazed by what these children can achieve with the belief that we instill in them.”

If you want to give your child the opportunity to learn these important life skills, drop us a line for a free taster day at Razzamataz Durham on E: [email protected] or speak to Alison on 0191 580 1231 / 07599283931.