February half term ideas for children and families

February half term ideas for children and families

If you are looking for February half term kids’ activities that you can do during lockdown to escape the ground hog day feeling, read on for some inspiration.


Dancing on TikTok

If your kids love the dance trends on TikTok, then broaden their horizons and introduce them to all forms of dance. If you are not sure where to start, here is one of the dance teachers at Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield to teach you how to pop with this poppin tutorial.


Valentine’s and Pancake days

When every day feels like the one before, it’s fun to go full out on global festivals and cultural days. With Valentine’s and Pancake Day just around the corner, here are a few ideas on how to make them special.

Valentine’s Day:

  • Dress from head to toe in pink and red.
  • Create homemade cards.
  • Bake a cake.
  • Use decorative paper and washi tape to wrap up bars of chocolates for fancy gifts.
  • Play Valentine’s themed party games – look online for inspiration.

Pancake Day:

Tasty pancakes with the kids at home this half term
  • Treasure hunt with some paper pancakes hidden around the house and garden.
  • Experiment with toppings and unusual fillings.
  • Shrove Tuesday quiz.
  • Pancake flip competition.
  • Pancake drawing and arts and crafts.


Liven up the daily walk

If the kids are moaning about yet another walk, it’s time to get creative. Young children can walk for a long time if they are playing while moving so think of a few games that you can do on the way such as guess the animal, rhyming games or even quick fire rounds of mental maths. Anything to get their minds off walking and on to something else. If you are in need of any further encouragement, try taking a flask of hot chocolate out for them with a few mini marshmallows and enjoy drinking them in a wood surrounded by nature.


Holidays at home

OK, so we can’t actually go anywhere but we can change up the atmosphere at home. Create a winter wonderland vibe to imagine you are holidaying in Iceland or Lapland. Sit around a campfire in the garden with lots of blankets and warm drinks, make up some stories and then warm up in a bath and listen to a podcast about adventure and travel. If it’s a bit too cold for being outside, set up a den camp in the living room, eat camp food and read by torchlight.


Do a bake off or cook along

Even the youngest children can be encouraged to cook and enjoy a friendly family baking or cooking competition. A few jobs that toddlers will be great at include:

  • Stirring the mix.
  • Tearing salad leaves.
  • Adding toppings to a pizza.
  • Decorating a cake.
  • Pounding the bread dough.
  • Adding ingredients.


Sports Day

Plenty of opportunity to get sporty and exercise together at home this half term

It’s hard to keep children active during lockdown but if you get creative you can inspire them to keep moving with games and challenges around the house. For example, twenty star jumps in the kitchen, then run to the bedroom and balance on one leg and then run to the living room and do as many skips as possible in one minute. Keep a tally of scores throughout the day and award small prizes to keep up motivation levels.



Movie night

Family enjoying movie night at home together this half term

Let the kids stay up later to watch a film of their choosing. Make cinema tickets and set the room so it looks a little special with extra cushions and throws. Have lots of their favourite movie snacks, plus a few healthy options to go along with it. If possible, they could dress up as one of the characters and you could print out some movie-themed colouring sheets to keep them entertained if they lose a little interest half-way through. Although watching a film might be just an ordinary activity, with a little thought and planning, you can make it feel really special.


Razzamataz to the rescue

If you are a member of one of our schools, you will know that we regularly run online holiday workshops as well as lots of free activities that you can find on our social channels. From kitchen discos to bedtime stories to Zoom night’s in – there is always something to keep children entertained and feel part of the Razz Family.