How to balance a financial and flexible career with the life of a performer – Alison Beveridge

How to balance a financial and flexible career with the life of a performer – Alison Beveridge

Alison Beveridge was just 23 when she took over Razzamataz Durham. As an actress, she had a good understanding of what it took to run a drama class but no business knowledge, which is why she turned to the franchise route.


I have a 1st class hons in Performing for Live and Recorded Media and a Masters in Acting from the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London. I have had various acting work including the national tour of Beauty and the Beast, Edinburgh Festival, independent films, voiceovers including the Olympics, Adventure Valley and ITV, theatre work including my own one woman show that I wrote.

Why Razzamataz

It was 2014 and I was working in retail and finding it difficult to attend auditions when I came across the Razzamataz brand. With no business background myself, I felt that Razzamataz offered a ‘safe’ way to learn with support from those more experienced than I was. The business also provided me with flexibility and freedom, enabling me to continue to pursue my acting ambitions too.

Transferable skills

Alison Beveridge, Proud Principal of Razzamataz Durham, with one of her students
Alison Beveridge, Proud Principal of Razzamataz Durham, with one of her students

I’m very determined to bring in my background as a performer to my business and instil a sense of passion together with a strong work ethic, determination and tenacity. I love being both organised and creative and being a Principal provides a platform to achieve this. During my time with Razzamataz I’ve also developed leadership and entrepreneurial skills, which will be a huge asset for the future.


Being a Razzamataz Principal fits in brilliantly with my lifestyle. I’m not stuck to 9-5 hours and most of the time I can work when and where I like. That said, you have to be self-disciplined because you are solely responsible to get things done. I’ve combined Razzamataz with a role at a charity called Compassion, which is part time and I try to separate days and use a pomodoro timer to encourage productivity. Plus, I love a good to do list!

Adding value

Being part of an encouraging network adds such a huge amount of value to my business. To have others that are in a similar position to yourself is amazing and allows you to learn from their experience, share successes and try new things.

What advice can you give

If you’re passionate, hard-working and ambitious – go for it! It will take over your life for a little while but won’t feel like work as you’ll thrive on the challenge.

Value and rewards

My school gives me so much to be proud of and one of the most satisfying is the transformation of my staff and students, they constantly grow and develop, and it is exciting to see what they are going to do next. I’m also very grateful for the strong, healthy community we have created in my local area. Everyone knows Razzamataz Durham for being a place to belong, where they’ll be valued, respected and celebrated and that is a huge achievement for all my team.

Alison with her fabulous team at Razzamataz Durham during a fundraising event

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