Happy 21st Birthday Razzamataz!

My baby, my business, is 21 today and what an incredible journey it’s been, starting with a simple dream. As a very shy child, I experienced first-hand how performing arts changed my life, when I started dance classes. After I finished my dance career, I was determined to make performing arts available to all young people no matter their background or circumstances.


As the youngest of four children, money was very tight for our family and my parents often went without basics in order for me to follow my dream. I experienced the disappointment of having to drop out of performing arts college because I just couldn’t afford the fees. It has been my dream for a long time to help young people fulfil their own performing aspirations and it was one of my proudest moments when Razzamataz launched our own charity, Future Fund, to help students with scholarships to go towards fees and associated costs. 



Denise - Razzamataz Theatre Schools
Denise with Razzamataz students at The Stage scholarship winners party (Photo pre-COVID)


21 years of charity work

  • Future Fund charity, providing thousands of pounds of scholarships to young people to continue their training. 
  • The Stage newspaper, providing thousands of pounds of free tuition for many children. 
  • Personally, raising tens of thousands of pounds for charity by putting on events, taking part in challenges and hosting garden parties. 
  • So many of our franchisees also put on their own charity events, so the Razzamataz legacy has touched so many people during our 21 years.




Duncan Bannatyne and Denise with Razzamataz students
Duncan Bannatyne and Denise with Razzamataz students

Another huge milestone for Razzamataz was when we successfully appeared on DragonsDen and won the investment from Duncan Bannatyne.

Even though we have grown to be a household name, giving students incredible opportunities such as performing at a West End theatre, the 02 in London and Disneyland Paris, we haven’t lost sight on what Razzamataz does for all of our young people.







21 years of students

  • We have had students that went on to perform as leads in West End shows, a presenter on a major radio station and starring in movies as well as those that have gone on to be lawyers, work in the medical profession and many teachers. 
  • As a parent myself with a SEN child, every school in the Razzamataz network has a very strong emphasis on ensuring that every child matters and every school is inclusive. 
  • The children who come to Razzamataz gain unique experiences and life skills, enabling them to make wonderful memories, friends for life and a self-confidence that enables them to choose any route in life that they wish. 
Razzamataz Ethos


21 years of believing 

Razzamataz is not just a business for me, it has been my lifelong passion. We have testimonials from families from all over the UK, who have children with all different needs and they have all benefited from coming to Razzamataz. This is something that is so unique and I’m so privileged to be a part of this, alongside my amazing franchisees and Head Office staff. 

When I opened my first Razzamataz school in a small theatre in Penrith in the Lake District, never could I have imagined that I would have franchisees being nominated and winning awards in one of the most prestigious franchising award events in the UK, the British Franchise Awards. Razzamataz Theatre Schools has changed my life, the life of many of my students and the lives of our franchisees.


I would like to say a massive thank you to all of our head office supporting the network, our franchise advisory council, every Principal, teacher, classroom assistant, admin assistant, students, parents/guardians, consultants, suppliers and everyone who has made this dream possible!



Razzamataz celebrates 21 years!
Happy 21st Birthday Razzamataz!


Happy 21st Birthday Razzamataz. Here’s to many more.