Razzamataz Theatre Schools Mansfield students posing in costume back stage at Her Majesty's Theatre in London's West End

Why every child counts

Razzamataz Theatre Schools Mansfield students posing in costume back stage at Her Majesty's Theatre in London's West End

Does your child ‘fit the box’ and are they happy to follow the crowd to blend in with every one else? Although we are encouraged to be an individual when we reach adulthood, the reality is that in typical UK schools with large class sizes and just one teacher, children have to conform.

But if your child has been diagnosed with a condition such as dyspraxia and aspergers, as was the case with Chloe Meredith, there are definitely ways that you can help them cope with the challenges at school.

“After diagnosis, we were recommended to take Chloe to dancing or drama groups to develop her coordination and social skills,” explains mum Louise. “After a few really unsuccessful groups, where we were either told she would never be able to be in a show as she wasn’t good enough, or she was just left in the class to struggle and not be able to do the activities, we found Razzamataz Theatre Schools Mansfield.

“After anxiously explaining Chloe’s issues, the staff couldn’t have been any more welcoming, allowing her to arrive early and familiarise herself with the environment and the staff. I didn’t believe she would even go in the room, but not only did she happily go with Emily, her teacher, but she never stopped talking about it all week.”

“The support the staff have given her has been amazing, and she’s so much more confident at school too, and has even made a couple of friends, something she didn’t have before.”

“When show time came around, I’d been stressing for weeks. Would she even go in the theatre, would they get her on the stage, and would she just panic and have a meltdown on stage? I had no need to worry, and she strolled in there without a care and did every action and song up on stage, all be it, completely out of time, but no one was bothered, as the staff were just as proud of her as we were.”

“She’s moved up to Juniors now and still loving it. School is a battle every day – she’s so far behind her peers and knows that she’s different, so the whole week is spent looking forward to Razz.”

“Our youngest has just moved up to Minis, after a year loving time in Tots, and now she can’t wait for to be part of the show next year. Razzamataz is making such a difference to our daughter’s and therefore our family’s lives, and we are so grateful for all that they have done for us.”

Claire Blower, who is the Principal of Razzamataz Theatre Schools Mansfield and neighbouring Razzamataz Theatre Schools Nottingham, believes that all children can benefit from performing arts, no matter what challenges they face. “Chloe’s story illustrates how important it is for children to be given the opportunity to try performing arts. Our classes are about so much more than teaching dance, drama and singing. They are allowing students to express themselves, teaching the importance of team work and building their confidence through performing opportunities.”

One of the ways that Razzamataz Theatre Schools can fully support children is through the very high teacher student ratio. In the Minis classes, there is a 1 to 8 ratio and Juniors a 1 to 10 – at Razzamataz Theatre Schools every child counts.

“Our teachers are supported by assistants so we make sure that the focus stays on the children during all of the classes,” explains Claire. “The children build up a very strong relationship with us and this often gives them the confidence to explore any areas where they are having difficulty through drama role play exercises. When they achieve something like performing for the first time or even saying hi to a new child, this gives them positive reinforcement and does wonders for their social skills and confidence.”

If you want to give your child the opportunity to try a new skill, make friends and grow in confidence drop us a line for a free taster day at Razzamataz Theatre Schools Mansfield on E: [email protected] or Razzamataz Theatre Schools Nottingham on [email protected] or speak to Claire on 01623 636171 or 07402 179892.


Theatre School Principal in Nottingham and Mansfield explains how every child matters at Razzamataz