A day in the life… Pam Dixon, Principal of Razzamataz Dumfries

Day in the life, Pam Dixon
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Pam Dixon, Principal of Razzamataz Dumfries

Morning Routine
Three mornings a week I start my day at 6am with Ashtanga Yoga, which sets me up for the day. As well as running Razzamataz, which I have done for the last ten years, I’m also a very busy granny to my five grandchildren and mum to my three daughters. Taking the time in the mornings to do something just for me is a luxury and keeps me fit and ready to take on the challenges of each day. When I get home, I shower and have breakfast and go through my Razzamataz emails and keep on top of any outstanding work for at least an hour. I will then spend time doing some housework and shopping and all the normal things that need to be done in a home.

Work life
I combine being the Principal of Razzamataz with looking after my grandson Freddy and will collect him from school four days a week for my daughter Charlotte who works at Razzamataz Head Office. I will make his tea and help with his homework or reading. I often meet my two other daughters and four other grandchildren once a week for a McDonald’s treat or somewhere similar. During the day, I will catch up with my Razzamataz work and even though I’ve been running the school a long time, there is always something new to learn whether that is discussing Google adwords or something on social media. I also like to brainstorm ideas with Charlotte at least once a week so we often go out for a coffee and plan in exciting opportunities for the students.

Early evening
Freddy will be collected around six and I start to prepare dinner for myself and my husband who usually gets home between six and seven. It’s lovely to be able to sit down to dinner together and catch up on our day.

Wind down
I like to watch TV to relax while I knit and crochet; I find it hard just sitting and doing nothing. I’m usually in bed by 11pm because my husband gets up at 5.30am every day.


Montage featuring Pam Dixon

Pam’s grandchildren  |  Collecting an award with her daughter Charlotte  |  Pam with some of the Dumfries Tiny Tots