A day in the life… Karen Keeman, PR manager

Do you want to know what it is like to be part of the Razzamataz family?
Take a peak inside a day in the life of some of our Head Office staff

Karen Keeman, PR manager

School run
I’m up around 7am to make sure my daughter is up and ready for school and I make the packed lunches. My son gets a bit more of a lie-in but then it’s a quick bowl of porridge (for both of us) and green tea for me and I do the school run with my dog Buddy, followed by a run around the local rugby fields and I’m back at home, showered and ready to start the day’s work

Work life
I’ve worked as a freelance consultant for Razzamataz for the past seven years. Sometimes I work from an office in London, sometimes from my local coffee shop and sometimes from home. There’s always something interesting to say for Razzamataz; mostly I enjoy sharing the students’ amazing stories whether that is them appearing on a West End stage or hearing how coming to Razz has transformed their life because they are finally starting to make friends. I try to eat quite healthy in the day and I’m a bit of a grazer so will have a smoothie, nuts and bits and bobs to keep me going. I love the flexibility of what I do and the variety in the role also.

Early evening
There’s usually a dance or gym class for my daughter to get to but in between doing that, making dinner, playing tennis in the garden with my son, I try and also listen to a podcast or two – mostly when I walk the dog in the evening.

Wind down
With a teenager in the house, there’s no such thing as settling down in the evening with the kids tucked up in bed. However, I do try and watch a box set most nights for an hour to keep me from scrolling Instagram or online shopping! I usually go to bed by about 11pm and try and read at least a chapter of a book to help wind down.


Karen and Buddy