A day in the life of… Charlotte Young, Creative Director and Franchise Support Mentor

Do you want to know what it is like to be part of the Razzamataz family?
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Charlotte Young, Creative Director and Franchise Support Mentor

School run
I’m up around 5:45-6:30am and either go to yoga or walk the dog to wake up and get some exercise in. I get my son ready for school and get into the Razzamataz office by 9.30am.

Work life
My day is so varied that it is hard to pinpoint a typical day but I will definitely be speaking to some of our franchisees, being very involved with our social media and helping to keep the Razzamataz curriculum fresh and exciting by keeping on top of all things happening in the performing arts industry.

Early evening
I pick up my son from ‘Granny day care’. I’m so lucky to have such a wonderful mum who is so involved with childcare and also runs her own successful Razzamataz school in Dumfries. She really is ‘Super Gran!’ When I get home, it is straight into mum mode so I check the homework and book bag, sort the dog and get dinner ready.

Wind down
I also work for mum’s Razzamataz school in Dumfries so I will catch up on some emails and make sure there is no outstanding work. I’ll also do a bit of housework, washing clothes and anything that needs to be done for the week and then relax in the evening with my husband. Potentially with a nice glass of wine and a bit of TV.