Boosting confidence through performing arts

By Lyndsey Winstanley

Performing arts promotes working as a team while also encouraging and developing individual talents. Children will be more confident in themselves and how they interact in groups, which is an important skill for future life.


One of the best things about my job is watching nervous children develop into confident students. We have had two children who were very shy and reluctant to come to Razzamataz, but have now flourished under the guidance of our teachers and both have main parts in our Summer Showcase.

As a Principal, it is very important to be approachable and understanding to each child’s situation. We let students learn at their own pace and never push them into doing anything they don’t want to. We always give lots of encouragement and do this through praise and always give a weekly certificate to acknowledge achievement. We also make learning fun. If they enjoy the sessions, they are more likely to take part.
Performing in front of others or stage fright can be a challenge for some children and adults alike. At Razzamataz, we give lots of praise and encouragement and always take it a step at a time. We never force children into doing anything they don’t want to do, but the teachers and classroom assistants offer lots of support. Our approach is very relaxed and we find this works well with nervous children. We make them believe in themselves and into the mind set ‘they can do it!’
To help our students overcome shyness, we offer a buddy system, so shy children have a friend they can go to for support, as well as the rest of the staff. We also play lots of ‘ice-breaker’ games to make them feel more comfortable and relax into the session

Top tips

  • Boost confidence through working in groups. This can be hard for some children, but can also help others, as the spotlight is not on them.
  • Accomplishing tasks and overcoming obstacles will boost self-esteem as they begin to believe in themselves.
  • Help by offering positive feedback. Encouragement is the key.
  • Offer rewards when they reach milestones, e.g singing alone, acting in front of a group.
  • Reassure your child that it’s ok to make mistakes.
  • Try to build up your child’s self-worth.
  • Let them learn in their own time.

About the author
Lyndsey is experienced in all areas of performing arts, singing, dancing and drama and is a qualified Primary School Teacher. She has loved being Principal of Razzamataz Liverpool South since 2015.