A day in the life… Nick Furlong, Razzamataz Head Office & Joint Principal of Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield

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Nick Furlong, Head Office Marketing & Franchise Support and Joint Principal of Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield

Morning Routine

One of the great things about my work is that no two days are the same and I spend my time on such a variety of exciting projects. As well as my Head Office role I also jointly run one of our flagship schools, in Sutton Coldfield, with my wife Gemma Hextall. 

I’m going to tell you a bit about one of my days where I would be working in my Razzamataz Theatre Schools Ltd Head Office role.

When I’m up and had my essential coffee I’ll get straight into my office. Often my work will be from home, in my office, but I also will often be travelling around the country for various reasons, training, special events, support visits, meetings etc; all the way from Cumbria to London, Belfast to Bristol. What’s wonderful in the office is often being joined by either Gemma, working on Razzamataz Sutton Coldfield tasks, or our Puppy, Bailey, or both. I’m typically a late riser and late finisher of days, so won’t do dog walks or gym or anything in the morning, I’ll get straight to work, leaving time for that later in the day.

I’ll always start by working back through any emails that have come in since my last sessions of head office work, these can include quick troubleshooting, confirmations, or more in depth documents to proof and amend, or brand new projects coming in to begin conversations with. 

Work Life

I’ll then most likely have a skype call to host and then report on; sometimes this will be multiple calls.

There will usually be lots of exciting emails flying between myself, our Managing Director and our Creative Director during the day, with updates on exciting projects and also new ideas, tasks and campaigns, or some marketing or design work to do.

Around Lunchtime, my meal/recipe delivery box for the week gets delivered, Bailey will let me know someone’s at the door, that will all go into the fridge ready for our evening meals and I’ll grab a healthy lunch, top up my coffee and a big glass of water, before continuing on for the rest of the day in the office.

Early Evening

As I’m not an early riser, I’m happy finishing my working day into the early eve, and working from home gives me the flexibility to do this. I’ll often be concluding the day with something that suits evening work such as a webinar I’ll be hosting for the rest of the network to train on something and a whatsapp power hour for the business growth hub I mentor.

Once I’ve wrapped up work for the day. It’s time to head to the gym, If I’ve enough time, followed by a swim and steam session too.

Wind Down

After the gym, Gemma and I will prepare one of the weeks meals out of the prep kits in our delivery. After eating we’ll take Bailey out for a nice walk, before returning home to sit in front of the tv with our feet up, a nice drink and watch something like one of those hospital or ambulance real life documentaries – we love those!

Nick with Bailey the dog
Nick & Gemma