Audition tips from top casting director

Audition tips from top casting director

With our very own in house showcase auditions around the corner at Razzamataz schools up and down the country and also Top Talent Agency auditions coming up in February half term (they also audition at summer too), we sat down with a coffee to ask Felicity French her auditions tips. Felicity is an award winning Casting Director who works for Cameron Mackintosh. Cameron produces shows such a Les Miserables, Phantom of the Opera, Miss Saigon, Hamilton, Mary Poppins and much more, along with owning a lot of London’s theatres. Felicity trained at Laine theatre arts in Surrey before embarking on her own musical theatre career (in shows such as Singin’ in the Rain, Joesph and Buddy) before entering the world of casting, and is also the Wife of Razzamataz Barnet Principal, Michael French. Michael attended Performers College in Essex before spending 12 amazing years working in musical theatre as cast in shows such as: 42nd Street, West Side Story, Singin’ in the Rain, My One and Only, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Babes in Arms and many more.

Casting Director Felicity French pictured in the Financial Times recently


The casting process for any show is a very long one with lots of very intricate processes to go through before finalising a cast. Here are Felicity’s top 3 audition tips for any budding performer, Michael then adds his own personal audition and industry experience.




Michael: If someone has sent you something to learn, learn it as best you can. Sounds obvious but the more off book you can be the easier it is to note you and see what you can bring to the material. Also – do a little research on the show, play, film, director, choreographer. It doesn’t hurt to know a little about the thing you’re auditioning for and the people you might be working with. Being keen, eager and willing to learn is only a good thing.


Felicity: RELAX


Michael: The panel want to get to know you as they could be working with you for the foreseeable future. Don’t lose your personality but don’t be over the top with jokes and stories etc – you can get to that in rehearsals – for now they just want to know that you’re nice and easy to work with. Remember, everybody on that panel wants you to do well, they’re on your side.

Michael, pictured in 42nd Street

Felicity: BE ON TIME


Michael: Your audition time isn’t the time you get off the train, or even arrive at the audition venue, it’s the time you are due to walk in the room. Why stress yourself out rushing, you’ll only end up being flustered and doing a bad job. Always aim to arrive early so you can settle yourself before the audition. Personally I had a bad experience when my train was cancelled and I walked into an audition late, I never got a job from that choreographer again! In hindsight I should have got an earlier train and can only take the blame.

Felicity & Michael in Singin’ in the Rain together

It’s always good to have words of wisdom from industry professionals shared with us. Good luck with any auditions coming up.